Windows 8 store is not Connecting to Internet[Solved] :How to Fix This

Yesterday I decided to update my windows 8 pro to Windows 8.1.For this I need to open Windows 8 store because Microsoft is providing update to Windows 8.1 through Windows Store.But When I tried to open the windows Store I am getting an error like this: 
                                                                    ” We weren’t able to connect to the Store. This might have happened because of a server problem or the network connection timed out. Please wait a few minutes and try again.”
unable to connect to windows 8 storeI tried  a few things but the problem was not resolved .So I Google it and found that the similar problem is faced by many other people and there are many suggestions to solve the problem.I tried each one of them but I still getting the the same error .Nothing works for me.After Googling for more than two days, at last, I found a simple solution that straightway worked for me.You are here and I can expect you tried each one of the following solutions but not succeeded:

  • You checked the Date and Time settings and also updated the Internet time.
  • You checked that you are not using any proxy server by going in Internet Options.
  • You have switched your account from local account to a Microsoft account.
  • You have refreshed you PC(your big mistake) by going in PC settings.
  • You have cleared the store cache by running few commands.
And after trying above methods and few more, you are still not able to access the store or any other App.Now I am going to tell you a method that worked straightway for me.
Just follow the following simple steps :
  • First you need to install a small software called Fiddler.Fiddler is a small tool for Inspecting and Debugging Web traffic.Go to the following link and download the version higher if available).

 Download Here –

installing fiddler
  • It is of very small size(under 1MB) and after downloading install it.Run it by going into program list.
  • Once the Fiddler window appear,go to Tools and then select Win8 Loopback Exemptions.If you get prompt for warning ,click Yes.
making changes to connect to windows 8 store
  • Select Exempt All so that each checkbox in front of app is checked and select Save Changes.Now minimize the Feddler(Do not close it) and try to open the app store or any other app.
connecting to windows 8 store
  • Now App Store and all other window 8 Apps can easily connect to the Internet.You may need to run the Feddler,so just minimize it and do not close it.

You may need to run the Fiddler all the time when you need App store to connect to the Internet.Still,this is far better than Refreshing the PC or Installing a new copy of windows 8.

Whether this method works for you or not,please let me know by posting your comment.

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  1. Yep, finally nailed it. Thanks

    Modern apps stopped working sometime, perhaps after win 8.1 update.
    No help from MS or the net. This has got me going again and on the path to fixing the problem.
    There was some mcafee and trend software which I suspect was originally causing the problem, and deleting them from the system ( brutally by knocking the service and deleting the files) may have left some registry settings not suited for the windows firewall to be correctly interacting with the store and modern apps

  2. Thanks so much for this after months and months I finally get the bloody store to connect. Downloading 8.1 now hopefully it will be fixed natively after the update. Fingers crossed.

  3. Also check these:
    check the Date and Time settings and also updated the Internet time.
    Check that you are not using any proxy server by going in Internet Options. Try to switch your account from local account to a Microsoft account.

  4. Thank you sooooo much, this was getting to be a headache trying to get my store to work and I've tried and looked for everything, so thank you. This was great and great help too! =D

  5. Looks like a great tip. Don't understand the technicalities. However didn't work for me. Further search came up with fix on YouTube at . I didnt understand what this does either. But this did work for me. In case YouTube link gets lost, the suggestion is:
    Run "Cmd" to get into command prompt
    Run: powershell -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register $Env:SystemRootWinStoreAppxManifest.xml
    Then enter: start "" "ms-windows-store:"

  6. Thanks so much! I spent two days now pulling out my hair and loathing microsoft, that a third party hack like this needs to be used infuriates me, but bless your heart for posting this! +1000

  7. Finally, a solution.
    Thank you so much.
    For days I've been searching for a solution for this problem, finally able to fix it. =)
    BTW: for those getting error 0x6d9 on Fiddler? Activate "Windows Firewall".
    Also, don't forget to have the "WIndows Update" and "Windows Store" services running.

  8. Nice post…

    But why do we need to keep fiddler running everytime I want my app to connect to the internet?

    Currently, when I launch my windows 8 app, it fails to connect to the internet until I relaunch the app by launching the fiddler first.

    Any help regarding this will highly be appreciated.


  9. So far I found only this working method. You need to run fiddler as it allows http traffic to apps (don't know what blocks the app from accessing internet ). As soon as I found alternative i will update the post.

  10. My app is ready to deploy to 50 client machines…Do I need to install fiddler at every machine? Currently we are facing this issue…Our client is unable to run the app on every machine without installing fiddler.

  11. I figured out another reason why the store and other apps don't recognize the internet connection, at least for me. None of the available info on how to fix this issue worked for me, so if your still stuck try this. I right clicked start, clicked run, msconfig, services tab, make sure windows event log and windows event collector are checked and apply.I unchecked these a few hours ago trying to get a game to run on win 8 (pretty much every game I have has problems running on win 8) and didn't realize what it did at the time; It's been a few hours of frustration trying to get my apps to work. Hope this helps someone.

  12. I thank you so much Patent actually that was the problem. i have worked on this for months but could not get the resolution and enabling the event collector and error reporting and event logs has worked in 1 go. just had to restart the pc..thanksssss

  13. I thank you so much Patent actually that was the problem. i have worked on this for months but could not get the resolution and enabling the event collector and error reporting and event logs has worked in 1 go. just had to restart the pc..thanksssss

  14. I did exactly what this post says. after this method the windows store still says it can't connect. so if there's another way to fix my problem… I personly think there's something wrong with my pc settings… couldn't find it myself. other sugestions??

  15. I am, I can use spotify to. I can play online games like minecraft and games from steam, but I can't use windows apps. my ethernet connection says it's limited. I can use all sites, all programs except windows apps. so defently the program here should work. but it doesn't….

  16. Thank you so much! I have spent waaay too much time trying to get connected to the Windows Store so I could upgrade to Windows 8.1

    Do you know how the loopback filter could be set in the first place to filter out traffic to the Windows Store?

    Is there a registry key or Windows firewall setting that can be set to permanently fix this?

    Thanks again!

  17. Hi Amar…. I am using windows 8.1 and I too was facing problem in connecting my apps to internet while using a proxy server which requires authentication. Fiddler is helping me for 90% apps in my list. But still a few are unable to get through. (eg: Times of India app) It is displaying "Unable to fetch data". What could be the reason.

    Thanks and regards friend

  18. Thanks Patent! It turns out that my Windows Event Log was unchecked, so I added it and rebooted. Now everything works like a charm, and I did NOT have to add another 3rd party app to run all of the time in the background.

    I had tried other solutions all over the net, including registry changes, powershell command line instructions, etc. Nothing else worked. But tis did.

    Thanks again, Patent!

  19. I installed Fiddler and keep it running in the background. I go to the start screen and click on store but only get in for a few seconds before I get kick back out into the start screen

  20. One thing I found that worked — disconnect and then reconnect to the internet. (Right click on the 5-bars tray icon.)

    I didn't run fiddler because I am afraid to run random programs downloaded from the internet, but I am glad it is working for so many.

    It would be nice Amar could explain the principle behind what his program is doing.

    (deleted and re-posted so I could check the notify box.)

  21. It is still not working for me – I have tried all of the previous steps (except for the refresh) and then installed Fiddler following the directions given above and I am still getting the same error message of "Your PC isn't connected to the internet…" Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  22. ok so i am using a windows 10 os and cant connect to the store or any other microsoft app but can connect with firefox and idm ad some other app.. using proxy and simple server. exe file

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