Windows Spotlight not working : How to fix this

Windows spotlight feature introduced in the windows 10 and it fetch beautiful wallpapers from the web and show them on the lock screen background. If you have enabled Windows Spotlight feature, it automatically fetches pictures from the Internet and show them on the Lock Screen. Yesterday, I noticed that I am seeing the same background picture whenever I log on or lock my PC for last few days . After going to Personalize, I was surprised to see that the Windows spotlight option is gone all together. There are only two options Picture and Slideshow. I am not sure, but this spotlight feature may have to do something with the Windows update as I am not seeing it after I updated my PC.

If you are also not able to select the Windows Spotlight feature under Personalize> Lock Screen, then keep on reading. In this post I am going to show you how to fix this and get back the Spotlight feature for windows 10.

Fix Windows spotlight problem:

  • At this point, I am assuming that the Windows spotlight option is completely missing under Personalize>Lock screen. You can also try this if you can see the Windows spotlight option, but it is not working for you. In case the spotlight option is there, then select either Picture or Slideshow option before moving to next step.
  • Press Win key+ E to open Windows explorer and select View option and check the Hidden Items option.

windows spotlight fix

  • Next Navigate to

and delete all the contents of the Assets folder. Close the explorer window after deleting the content.

windows spotlight not working

  • Now, again right click on the desktop, select Personalize and then Lock screen. Now you should see the Windows spotlight option under Background. Select it and Lock your screen(Win Key+L) to see your Spotlight background. Remember that you need to be connected to Internet in order to see the spotlight backgrounds.

windows spotlight fix

Hope this helps you to getting back the Windows spotlight feature. Let me know whether this worked out for you or not.

You can also download these Windows spotlight images to set them as your desktop wallpaper. To know how to save spotlight images, read this – How to Download Windows Spotlight Images to use them as wallpaper

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