RainyMood – Listen to Relaxing Sound of Rain While Working on Computer to Increase Productivity

Internet has got many good things and tools.Yesterday I came across one of them that I want to recommend to everyone.Are you spent lot of time on computer? Sitting in front of a computer for a long time could result in tiredness which results in loss of productivity and interest.If you are an web developer or a programmer or Internet content developer,you definitely need to spent hours on computer.Working on computers for long hours can make you feel tired.

                                               RainyMood is a gift of the Internet that helps you to relax while you are working on your computer.The concept of the site is very simple.Open the site and it will play relaxing sound of rain and thunderstorm.You can continue your work while the soothing sound of rain keep playing in your browser.If you are rainy season lover ,you must give it a try. Listen to the sound of rain if it were falling just outside of your window.Listening to RainyMood is better than listening to music because the sound of rain will not divert your attention and you can pay complete attention to your work. RainyMood is a simple but effective website that continuously plays rain and thunderstorm sounds.
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                                                  Research has been showed that productivity drastically improves when you have something calming to listen to in the background.It can also be used as stress reliever and the sweet sounds of drizzle is relaxing.The right kind of sound can relax your mind ,increase your focus and concentration and can help you to getting things done. RainyMood provide such kind of rainy sound.

 RainyMood’s slogan is “Rain Makes Everything Better” and that’s seems to be working in my case.I have RainyMood.com opened in one tab of my browser while writing this post and I am able to write much more in less time.The site plays the sound in continuous loop but the loop is long enough(about 15 minutes) to produce the original rain sound effect.The quality of sound is very good.Also you do not need to sign up and it is completely free.Just open the site and leave the browser opened.The sound is very soothing and those who love the sound of rain will certainly find it so.
The Android and iOS app of RainyMood is also available and you can find their links on the website.
Thanks to the creator of RainyMood for this simple but awesome web tool. Lets Face it, the Rain Makes Everything Better.Am I right?

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