Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages Easily

WhatsApp is one of the most famous mobile messenger. Everybody is on WhatsApp these days –from basic Symbian users to high end Android or iPhone users. Its easy to use interface and simple navigation makes it king of mobile messengers. In this post I am going to share with you the easiest way to recover deleted WhatsApp messages.
recover deleted text messages whatsapp

Sometimes you accidentally delete WhatsApp text messages or need to re-install it due to software update. Don’t worry ,WhatsApp has made recovering deleted messages very easy. You do not even need a third party data recovery app. WhatsApp automatically backs up your messages everyday and comes with built in functionality to restore them. For android devices backup is stored on the SD card and for iPhone this is stored on iCloud.

There is a limitation of this restoration facility of WhatsApp .There is no direct option to restore the text messages within the app. In order to restore the deleted messages, first you need to uninstall the app and then re-install it. By default, WhatsApp make a backup of your all messages daily at 4 am, but you can backup conversations manually at any time.

1. Open the app and navigate to Options>Settings>Chat Settings>Backup conversations. Click it and app will create a backup of all text messages.
Backup conversation on whatsapp      Backing up whatsapp messages

2. Next time you install the WhatsApp , it will use this backup copy to recover the messages.

3. Uninstall the app and re-install it .Launch the app and immediately following the mobile verification procedure you’ll be asked if you want to restore from backup.      

                                           Recover Deleted text messages
4. Choose Restore and you’ll be able to recover your all messages till the time when the backup was created. 
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 Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages   recover whatsapp text messages That’s it .You successfully restored all your messages and its like you never uninstalled the WhatsApp. Happy texting.

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