A service installation section in this INF is invalid – Fix

You are connecting your Android device to Windows PC for file transfer purpose. You select the MTP mode on Android phone(or tablet) but do not see your device storage in the explorer window. Next, you head toward Device Manager and see that there is a yellow exclamation mark in front of MTP USB Device under Portable devices. Generally, yellow exclamation mark means that the drivers for this particular hardware are not installed. You can install the driver by right clicking and selecting Update Driver Software. You can choose the option of automatically install the driver from the Internet. But when you try to update the driver software in case of MTP device, a strange error comes up – A service installation section in this INF is invalid. In my case, this error shows up after installing or updating Windows 10. However, this can happen with any version of Windows. The solution to this problem is very simple and takes no more than five minutes. Here is how to fix this MTP device driver issue. Here is the screenshot of the error while trying to install the MTP device driver.

A service installation section in this inf is invalid

A service installation section in this INF is invalid- How to solve

In order to fix MTP device driver issue follow the below guide:

  • Open Device Manager by pressing Win Key + X and selecting Device Manager. You can also open it through Control Panel.
  • Right click on the yellow exclamation mark under Portable devices and select Update Driver Software. If you do not see Portable devices look under the Other devices option.

mtp device a service installation section

  • On the next screen, select Browse my computer for driver software. Select Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.

MTP device driver issue

portable devices driver windows

  • If your device is appearing under Portable devices, then you will see the MTP USB Device (See screenshot below). Select it and click Next. Windows will begin the installation of MTP device driver for your phone. When finished, close it and disconnect your mobile device. Reconnect it and now you will see that you can access media files of the device on your PC.

A service installation section in this inf is invalid

  • If your Android device is appearing under Other Devices, then you have to first select Android phone option from a long list. After selecting, click Next and select MTP USB Device. Again click Next and wait for the driver installation completion. Reconnect your device and now you will see that your Android device is detected by PC.

That’s it. You have successfully installed the device driver for your MTP device and now you can transfer files between your PC and phone. In case you are using a Windows phone, follow the same procedure but select Windows phone instead of Android phone in the last step.

This guide works for you or not! Let me know in comment section.


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