Ballloon : Save Web Files to Cloud Services with Single Click

Cloud Computing is the new way to store and share your files over the Internet. In very short time, cloud storage becomes one of the main storage platform for saving web files like images, videos, links, pdf documents etc. At present, people (including me) who need to save web files to cloud storage, first download them to their local storage and then upload them to the cloud storage providers like Goggle drive, box, DropBox, One drive, etc.

 In this post I am sharing a new method to save the web files to cloud that can completely change the way people use the cloud.

Actually, there is a chrome Extension called Ballloon(Yea, there are three L’s) that simplifies the process of saving files to cloud. When you will visit a web page and hover the mouse over the image, icons of cloud services will show up. Clicking on your desired cloud platform will connect to your cloud service provider for authorization (first time only) and then you can save images to cloud with a single click. You also need to specify the folder on your cloud in which you want to save the images.

 Save Images to goggle driveBallloon- save files to cloud
Another good feature is that Ballloon offers you a history page, from where you can find out all the things you’ve saved. 
Balllon chrome extension
In order to save the links to cloud storage, just right click on the link you want to save, select Save link to and choose your cloud service provider.
        save files to cloud services      save web files to cloud

I found Ballloon the quickest and easiest way to save web files. Specially, it can be very useful for bookmarking your favorite links. Sometimes you see something very cool on the web, but do not have time to look at it. Just save the link to cloud so that you can easily find it later on. This surely increases productivity.

By setting Yo notification options, you can get notifications on your mobile device when a file is saved to cloud successfully, when Ballloon updates available or when a file larger than 1GB is saved successfully.You can Visit their official site to know more. In order to install the extension for chrome visit the Extension page in store.

Ballloon-save files online
Saving files directly to the cloud can completely change the meaning of the cloud. The only limitation of this extension is its availability only for Chrome users. I use this awesome extension to save images and links to the Google drive and it works as they promised. It saves lot of your time and effort.It supports all the major cloud service providers like Google drive, Dropbox, Onedrive, Box, Copy and sugarsync. I must say, it worth a try. Install it and share your experience with me.


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