Why there is so much Buzz About Mobile app development rather than Desktop app development?

If you are a computer science student or thinking of learning coding for app development, then you must noticed that these days there is so much buzz about mobile app development and very few people talking about desktop application development.I like to surf Internet and read several guides on how to learn to code and they all mention iOS or Android.I do not heard much about windows or OS X.Why nobody want to program desktop software?

                                    Look around the world around you and you will find the answer. Walk into a restaurant or a bar and look how many people holding a mobile device.Take this next example.You want to check the live scores of a cricket match and you have two options.First switch on your laptop,open your browser and go to your favorite live score website.The second one is to touch an app on your mobile phone and it will show you the live score.Even if you are only little lazy,you will choose the second one.Also I prefer to chat on my android mobile rather than opening my laptop.
                                     The Investors and big companies care in which direction the market is shifting.It is a fact that about billion people are getting smartphone this year.The mobile devices sale is way too much than desktops or notebooks.One main reason for popularity of mobile apps is you can take your device with you wherever you go and hence access mobile apps anywhere.Smartphones and tablets are getting more affordable and rich in features.Here is the picture showing consumer interest in various computing devices.

increasing number of mobile users
Another screenshot depicting the main reasons for this change :
increasing number of smartphone users
 One strong reason why mobile app development is preferred more these days is large number of mobile users.Mobile device is owned by almost every single person and hence there are more customers for mobile app developers.Also a mobile is more social device than a PC and people like being socially active.There are many social networking apps available for mobile phones and tablets and  these apps can directly access phone-book, photo-gallery,mic,camera ,etc which makes a mobile phone ready-made social device.The emerging of Samsung and Apple and declining of Microsoft directly points to the popularity of mobile apps over the traditional desktop applications.An average desktop app can now run in browser and this further limit the use of desktop applications.
One thing is clear now : The future belongs to mobile devices.The same is depicted by following screenshot:
future of mobile industry
The desktop software development will not stop in future but it will be completely overtaken by the mobile app platform.App sales and advertising through ads helping the mobile app developers to earn a handsome money.
                                     So, you better think twice before opting the right platform for developing software.Share your views in the comment section.

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