Download Flash Games to Play Offline

Are you addicted to online flash games? There are some amazing flash games available to play on the web, and you don’t need to be online to enjoy them.You can easily download online games for playing them offline using an online service at Follow these simple steps to save flash games to your local storage and enjoy them even when you are not online.

  • Go to the your favorite website to play online games.When the game launched,copy the URL in the address bar(game’s address).
download online flash games
  • Now go to and paste the above copied address into the box,agree to the terms of the service and click Get Files.
files2hd-download flash games
  • This will list all the files on the webpage.Press Ctrl+F in your browser and search for swf. Find the file that ends with .swf ,right click it and select Save link As.Save the file to your PC.
download flash games to play offline
  • Double click on the downloaded .swf file to play it.
If you cannot find the program to open the .swf file,go here to download the SWF opener.

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