Play ‘Missile Command’ Game While Watching Videos on Youtube

You might spend a lot of time watching your favorite videos on YouTube, but you are still unaware of one of the amazing feature of YouTube.YouTube lets you play the famous Missile Command Atari video game right on the video page.

                                               To see how this works,while playing any YouTube video,just type 1980 and your game will loaded above the video.Do not type in the search box, click on the white space on the page and then type 1980.Once you click continue,the game will begin after the countdown ends.

Play 'Missile Command' Game on YoutubeType 1980 while watching YouTube videos
Play 'Missile Command' Game While Watching Videos on Youtube
You have to defend your video from missiles that are attacking your video.The game play is similar to the classic Missile Command video game.Use your mouse to set the target and click to launch your counter missiles.So try this YouTube trick and see how longer you can save your video from being destroyed.

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