Download Youtube Videos Easily With VLC Media Player

Beside watching your favorite videos and movies with VLC player,you can do lot more with this amazing media player.In this post I will explain how you can download youtube videos in high quality using VLC player.You Don’t need any other software or extension installed in your browser.The process of downloading youtube videos with VLC player is very simple and involves only few steps.
If you are looking for some other alternative way to download youtube videos,you can refer this guide .
Another easy way to Download youtube videos in high quality 

For downloading with the VLC media player follow this procedure step by step:

  • Copy the Link of the
  • Youtube video which you want to download.Copy the Link Of youtube Video
  • Open the VLC media player and in the menu bar click Media and select open network stream.
Open the network stream by going in media
  • Paste the link of the video in the box under the Network tab and press Play.VLC media player will start ripping your video.
Paste link under network tab and press play
  • Next go to Tools and select Media Information and copy the whole text (ctrl+A and ctrl+C) in the box front of Location.
select media information and copy the text in location boxCopying the text in location box
  • Now open a new tab in your browser and paste the copied text in the address bar.Hit Enter and your video will start playing in the browser.
  • Now just press ctrl+S.Change the File name if you want and select Save.Your video will be start downloading.
Paste the link in browser and save your video
Any queries or any problem in downloading let me know by commenting.


  1. Amar pawar

    Well I entered the Youtube link provided by you and it worked for me.Make sure you are entering the url by going Media>Open Network Stream. Also update your Vlc Media player.

  2. Sukrit Gupta

    It worked. Is there any way to select at which quality I want to download?

  3. Amar pawar

    Yes …….go to media > Convert/save(ctrl+R) , paste the url in the network tab, select the quality, and click convert/save. Then copy the location by going media information and paste it in browser and save it.

  4. Unknown

    Can video downloading work on the Mac version of VLC?

  5. Amar pawar

    Not sure. Don't have a mac to try but I think it should work as it is feature of VLC player and not the OS.

  6. Vista

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Vista

    We have to stop accusing vcl, media player and youtube of having the ability to download youtube videos and recognize that if we want to become able to use technologies the ancients used – apps, computers, i phones, etc. then we have to research their mysteries first.

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