Get Absolutely Free Domains Like .com ,.net ,.org-Hurry Up

If you own a blog or want to build your own website, then you must want to buy a domain for your website.Generally, .com , .org ,.net domains cost between $2 to $5.But now you can get a free domain with any extension you want.

                  Actually,there is a website TEXAS(in callobaration with GOOGLE) which is offering free domains.So hurry up and grab this opportunity to get a free domain name.Just follow these instructions carefully step by step:

  • Visit and register with your google account(you can also create a new google account)
  • After signing in with your google account,Choose your desired password for login, Accept the terms of service and click on continue.
  • Now you will be redirected to choose your domain page.But before clicking next, go to this page or  

A new page will be open with premium content and you have to complete the survey to unlock it.But you not need to complete the survey,just read my post BYPASS SURVEYS EASILY AND ACESS PREMIUM CONTENT and you can easily bypass the survey.

  • To ensure you do not get server error enter the following entries:


(Here is the domain chosen by you)

  • Uncheck all the boxes so that at the bottom you get:

$0.00/Year + $0.00 Setup Fee
Now click on submit.

  • Now go back to homepage(log in if needed),click on domains on the left side and you will see that your domain is registering without payment.Wait for few hours and you will get your domain name.
  • You can also use this domain with your own site or blog.This method is working and is tested by me.

NOTE:If you face any problem then ask me in comment section, I will help you.


  1. Anonymous

    plz tell me how to add intuit website domain name in blogger blog

  2. Tips,Tricks and Hackery

    In order to add custom domain name to your blogger read the information given at this link-

  3. Anonymous

    Give me a simple way to get Domain……. Manual way..

  4. Lisa

    I’m here very late but I tried the links and they did not work.

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