Somewhere, Somebody Will Always Remember Your Birthday : Google Celebrates Your Birthday

It feels good when your friends and your family members remember your birthday and when you wake up in the morning,you get a bundle of wishes.It is possible that some of your closest friends may forget about your birthday,but Google will always remember it.Google will not only remember it,but also celebrates your birthday in its own way.You might noticed that on the occasion of birthdays of famous personalities,Google uses special doodle(logos) on their homepage.They also do the same thing on your birthday,but,of course only for you.

Did you open the Google homepage on your birthday ? I opened it on my birthday and saw special Birthday Doodle.Also When I hover the mouse over it,I get greeted with some personalized text.Here is the screenshot of Google Homepage on my birthday.

Google Doodle on your Birthday
Google picks your birth date from your Google profile which you provide at the the time of sign up.Therefore, You need to be logged in to your Google account in order to see the Birthday Doodle.On clicking on the doodle you are redirected to your Google plus profile. 
                           This is a nice way to congrats users on their birthdays.Google is just Awesome.Even if your close friends forget to wish you on your birthday,someone will always remember your birthday.Thanks Google.Do not forget to see Google doodle on your Birthday.

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