Google Introduced Games in Google+

Google+ may have attracted 20 million user’s in two weeks from its launch but people gradually started loosing interest in this new social networking website.People usually spend time on social networking websites either to have chat with friends or to kill some time.Now google has introduced Games in Google+ to sustain the interest of users in its social networking venture.
                                                     google plus
Google+ may have launched gaming a bit late but it is certainly better then Facebook.You have a special button for games.Using the Games button you can Play games,check notifications related to games,see what games your friends have played.So,you have a separate section for games that don’t interfere with your regular Google+ notifications which is certainly a big plus point.
google plus

Most of the Popular games like Zynga Poker, Angry Birds and Bejeweled Blitz are already on Google+ along with a few more which can be found in the All Games tab.

google plus games

Let’s see how well Google+ Gaming goes with its user’s.

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