How to run high graphics games on low configuration PC

Hi guys, Today’s most top games require quite high hardware requirements in order to run.So most of you cannot play these games unless you have a very powerful PC.Games like gta iv,call of duty- black ops,mafia ii,prince of persia -the forgotten sands require high memory,good processor and a dedicated latest graphics card.
                                    In this post I an going to share a software called swiftshader which is a graphic card emulator.This software enable you to run latest games on your computer,which otherwise cannot be played due to hardware limitations of your computer.

Emulator decreases the quality of the game so that you can run games on better fps.


  • Download the file given below in the link.This file is a rar file so unrar it and you will find two folders namely *32 and *64.
  • Depending upon your window (either 32 bit or 64 bit),copy the files in folder d3d9.dll and swiftshader.ini and paste in the game directory.Game directory is the folder in program files where you have been installed the game.
  • After copying the two files in game directory,run the game .Your game should run smoothly.


  • On 2gb ram it can run about 14-20fps.
  • On 1gb ram it can run about 4-8fps .
  • If you want to run more better on 1gb or 2gb so reduce the graphics and resolution in game.
  • It can run Shader Model 3.0 Graphics Game.
            Mediafire Link

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