How Spectrum became the Leading Provider of Digital Solutions in 2018


Spectrum emerged in 2016 when Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks merged with Charter Communications. Since then, Charter Spectrum delivers state-of-art digital services to millions of users all over the US. With continuous dedication and legacy, it holds an outstanding position among its users. It provides top-notch telecommunication facilities that are cable TV, internet, and phone service. With My Cable Internet, users get access to excellent quality of channels, lightning-fast internet without any data caps, and unlimited calling across the globe all at economical rates. All of this plays a significant role in making Charter leading provider of telecommunication services in 2018. Recently, some reviews from ACSI and Customer Satisfaction Reports suggest Charter as the nation’s largest digital services providers in 2018. With its exceptional services, it got 63/100 from ACSI and consumer review and stood at highest position among other providers like Xfinity, Cox Communications, Comcast, etc. Here, I will describe the cutting-edge services of Charter that earned tremendous positive feedback from the customers. After exploring the salient feature of each digital service, I will then discuss the Spectrum packages.

Charter Cable TV- There is something for everyone in your House:

It provides over 200 favorite and premium quality channels in HD along with free DVR facility. DVR allows users to record consecutively up to 600 hours. If you are eagerly waiting for your favorite show and came across some urgency, use DVR service to record it and enjoy it in when you are free from your work. Moreover, if you missed your show due to some unforeseen circumstances, you can still watch it through an on-demand feature. You can easily access on-demand content and enjoy thousands of movies and songs. If you desire to watch standup comedy shows, epic fights, and musical concerts then go for Pay per View and enjoy the endless entertainment with Spectrum cable TV. Enjoy a vast range of international and local networks with Charter on different genres like Family, Kids, Education, Music, News, Sports and a lot more. In fact, everyone in your home has something with Charter Cable TV.

Spectrum Internet: Super-Fast and highly Reliable:

There was a time when people use internet on just one dial-up connection and in response they get sluggish and unsteady internet speed. However, Charter has changed the entire scenario of internet surfing by providing thrilling-fast and consistent internet speed starting from 100 Mbps to its users. Now, you can download unlimited movies and video content, play games online, stream live, and upload your files without any difficulty and any latency issues. With free Wi-Fi modem, you can get enough speed and range in your home to enjoy net browsing on your portable devices at all times. You can still relish the fantastic internet service if you are on your vacations through thousands of free hotspots all over the US. It provides plenty of bandwidth that will keep all the members of the family connected to their compatible devices without facing the latency issue regarding the performance of the internet. Users can download their favorite stuff as much as they want because Charter offers blazing-fast internet without any data checkpoints. It means that there are no limitations on internet speed and data usage and you can browse the web as much as you like. While other internet service providers offer decent internet speed to its customers; Spectrum provides incredible protection software known as Security Suite to its users. With its Virus Detection and Inbox Protection tools, it provides rigorous protection against malicious content, viruses, spams, etc. and allows users you get the secure and steady internet facility.

Charter Voice – Global Calling with Amazing features:

It offers local and long distances calling to its users at highly economical rates without any additional charges. If you are getting bored in your home and want to have a chat with your loved ones, pick up the Charter phone and make unlimited calls across the world including free 411 directory support call facility. Customers get 28 outstanding calling features with Charter Voice such as Backup Phone, Trace Calls, Caller ID, Voicemail, VIP Ringing, and many more. If you are in a state of an emergency then immediately go for 911 calling service on your phone. In case of power outage, you can still stay connected with your friends and family though preinstalled battery that provides almost 5 hours of talk time and 8 hours of standby.

Fantastic Deals – Triple Play Packages:

Wishing to enjoy the great blend of entertainment and functionality at cheap rates then choose Charter astonishing packages tiers like Triple Play Select, Triple Play Silver, and Triple Play Gold. Subscribe to these packages and get the never-ending experience of watching your favorite channels in crystal clear cable TV. Enjoy lightning-fast and steady internet with tons of bandwidth. Also, stay in touch with your family and loved ones anytime with unlimited local and international dialing.

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