Who will win in this war?

Facebook and Google have become two of the most successful web-based companies. Both being a top on their own spots: Facebook as a social networking site and Google as a search engine and email service provider. But with Google’s launch of Google+, a lot of people are thinking, are these folks trying to get to Facebook’s spot? If you are not familiar with Google+ yet, it’s basically Google’s way of integrating all its services to a sort of a social network. However, social network experts say that Google has still got a lot of work to do before it starts competing with Facebook. But assuming it reaches that point, I think there would be five major points that Google+ has over Facebook.

1. Money

Facebook has lots of resources but Google has already invested billions to keep up with them. It has to outdo Google when it comes to portfolio.

2. No third party dependence

Facebook relies on Skype to improve its chats and video chatting services. It’s mutually benefial for both parties. Google on the other hand, has its own technology Google TV, Android, and Chrome which it incorporates in Google+.

war between facebook and google plus

3. Standalone products

Gmail, Chat, Google Maps, Voice and photosharing made Google+ a pro for most services. It is a social network bringing out different services at once. With Facebook, you can’t share images and files to a non-Facebook account holder.

4. Search

Search engines is a plus for Google. Unlike Facebook who integrates with Bing for Social Searching, Google is considered the number one source of traffic in the internet. Google+ has so many things in store and it is very powerful.

5. No pressure

Zuckerberg team’s Facebook began as a product for U.S. universities. Its founders were so amazed and happy to see its results. It evolved competing with big giants like MySpace and Geocities way back. They kept on innovating and it is no pressure for them.
Google+ is now experiencing the same. It is presently innovating its network and continues to face the ever changing world of the Internet which poses a threat to the currently fad social networking site.
So what will you choose between these two web services? Both networks have its own advantages. I rely most of my searches on Google and I reach out to my friends with Facebook. Either way, I am benefited. I believe that it’s up to them to survive and work to becoming number one.


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