WiFiKill : Kick other devices off a WiFi Network with Android app

You can do many cool things with your android phone. But you might not know that your android phone is much more capable of doing heavy things. Do you know that you can disable other people’s Wi-Fi internet connections on the same network? This can be done with an app called WiFiKill. I am writing a post related to Hacking after quite a long time. As the title of this blog include the word “Hackery“, this blog readers should know some hacking.


1. In order to install this app, you need to root your phone. This app will work only on rooted devices.

2. This post is only for educational purpose. This app can be very dangerous in wrong hands. It should not be used at public networks to annoy people. However, you can use it to play pranks with your friends like I used to do. Also if you own the Wi-Fi network, this app can be used to control the devices on your own network. Again, do not misuse this app as you hold the power of disconnecting any device from the Wi-Fi Network to which you phone is connected. All the devices can lost their Internet connectivity with one click on your phone.
wifikill apk pro download

What WifiKill Can do :

Here are some the great features of WifiKill App for android:

  • Show the traffic consumed by the device.
  • Show the network names of the devices.
  • Can disable the Internet access of any grabbed device. 
  • You also see what other people surf on net and what they download from internet. 
  • Android 4.0 and above only.
  • Supported by tablets.

How to Hack Wifi Network

That’s being said. Lets Begin hacking.

1. As this app can be misused in many ways and can be potential threat to public Wi-Fi connections, it has been removed from android market. But you can download it from the link provided below.

Download Here – WifiKill.apk

2. Install it after downloading. Turn on the Wi-Fi on your phone and open the app.
wifikill apk pro free download

3. When opened, press the play button on the top and the app will start searching for the devices which are currently connected to the Wireless Internet network. Allow Super user permissions when prompted.
                        wifikill for android    superuser for android 4.  When scan completed, the app will show all the devices connected to the hotspot.If you enabl Show Network Names in the preferences, it will also show the devices names.

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wifikill kick other devices off a wifi network wifi killwifikill kick other devices off a wifi connection      wifikill apk

5.Click one device and slide the grab button .Once grabbed you can see the network usage and websites that are being accessed by it.
wiwifikill grab a device    wifikill

6. In order to disable the Internet access of grabbed device, just Slide the kill button and the device will lost the internet connectivity.
wifikill kick other devices off

7. You can also kill all the devices at same time by grabbing them all and then killing them. You can only kill after you have grabbed a device. Grabbing the device will show you the bandwidth consumption and websites accessed by device. The device will lost the internet connectivity when you Choose to kill it.
                      wifikill grabbing all devices     wifikill killing all devicesv

8. When you are done with playing with your friends, just switch off the kill button and the devices will regain their Internet connectivity. Also stop the WifiKill by using the same button you used to start it.

This app can be very helpful when some devices in your Wi-Fi network are consuming all the bandwidth and slowing down the network. You can kick off such devices and can utilize all the bandwidth. However, it will not be much difficult for a technical person to track you.

How this Works:

As you can do some hacking now, you should also know how this small app able to do such big things. When your phone is connected to the Wireless network, this app sends spoofing packets to all other devices and make then think that your phone is access point (or router). As a result, all the packets start flowing through your phone and then you can kick off them. This app will not disconnect them but only disable their Internet access and make them think that they are connected to a very slow Internet connection. You can find more about this app at XDA Developers.


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