The best web apps to get more out of YouTube

Are you a fan of youtube?If yes, then you must know about some of these web apps which are specially designed to enhance the youtube experience.

                     ViewPure Removes Extraneous YouTube Features for a Focused Viewing Experience.
If you find YouTube to be a little too busy or just aren’t a fan of the comments, ViewPure is a handy bookmarklet to focus your YouTube experience on just the video you want to watch.
ViewPure is pretty simple to use. You can either visit and enter a YouTube URL for purified view, or just install their bookmarklet and click it whenever you’re on a YouTube video page that you want to “purify”.
The ‘Options’ button will allow you further customization: personalized URL for your ViewPure video, choice between white and black backgrounds, password protection, etc. Of course, you can skip all this tweaking and simply hit ‘Create’ to get a clean and minimalistic interface.

                       There’s a joy in the shared experience of going to a movie with a friend. Veedcast wants to help recreate that camaraderie through the internet. Using the app, you and your friends can watch the same video at the same time; all from your respective homes. Head to Veedcast and you are prompted to start with the link of the video you want to watch with friends. Hit ‘Create a Veedcast channel’ and your own private room is created, with a link you can share with friends. Once your friends have logged on, start playing the video – they’ll see what you are seeing on your screen, at the same time. As the ‘host’, you get control of the video playback. However, everyone can post comments in the same window for a convenient chat interface.
                 If you love a video, you naturally want to download it. But YouTube does not have an option for you to just click and get the file onto your hard drive. Enter Deturl. If the video in question has the URL “ ” , simply add “pwn” to it such that you get “ ” . Hit enter and you’ll be taken directly to the Deturl page.
Downloading is made simpler by Deturl’s aggregation service, which has the best Youtube video conversion and download tools at the convenience of a click. There are options to convert the video to FLV, MP4 and many other formats, as well as the ability to extract only the audio and convert it to MP3. Nice and easy.
                        Sometimes, the best part of a video is only a short clip. Why subject your friends to the whole video then? Tube-Chop is a simple app that allows you to clip a section of a video to share with your friends. Go to the site, paste the URL and you’re ready to start. TubeChop gives you a progress bar with two markers. Drag the Start marker and the End marker to where you want (you can also customize it by typing the exact time in the given boxes) and click on the Start marker again to preview your video. If you’re satisfied, you can add a comment to the video or simply click ‘chop it’. You’ll get a custom TubeChop link that you can embed in a website or share with anyone.

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