Anti Netcut : Protect your PC against WifiKill and Netcut

Anti Netcut is a software program for protection against the ARP spoofing attacks. In case, your system has no anti netcut protection, it becomes vulnerable to attacks of wifikill and netcut.
If you have read my previous posts on Wifikill and Netcut, you already aware about the these software and their working. Wifikill is a networking app for android which can be used to disable internet access of users which are connected to same network as yours. This means anyone who has wifikill app can kick your device off the Wi-Fi network and you will not be able to access the Internet. The purpose of Netcut(Wifikill for PC) software is same, the only difference is netcut is for windows PC while wifikill is for android. You can face this problem mainly when you are using public Wi-Fi network.
Someone can disable your internet access in order to get the maximum bandwidth for himself. But do not worry, if there is netcut , there is an anti netcut too. The anti netcut software provides protection against wifikill too.anti netcutThis post is about how you can protect your PC from attack of Wifikill or netcut. There is separate software program available to protect against Netcut by name Netcut Defender . But there is also provision of protection against the attack in the netcut itself. The former is better option as you do not required to install an extra program. To enable protection against wifikill or Netcut, follow this guide.

Anti netcut-How to Prevent Wifikill attacks ?

1. First download the Netcut software from the link provided below and install it. I am not going to explain the installation process in detail as it is already available in my previous post about Netcut. You can read it here – 
If Netcut is already installed on your system you can directly skip to second step.

                                Download Netcut 

2. Open the netcut window. In order to protect your system against the ARP spoofing attack
(netcut attack), you just need to check the box ‘Protect my computer’ on the top left corner.
anti netcut wifikill

3. When the attacker tries to disable to your internet access using Netcut or wifikill(from an android device), and if you have running the Netcut software in the background (with ‘Protect my computer’ box checked), it will have no effect on your internet connection. 

4. The same can be archived by downloading and installing anti netcut software named ‘Netcut defender’ but I found the above method easy to understand and use.

Please note that you are only protected from such attacks if the netcut is running in the background. If Netcut is not started, your system is vulnerable to attacks. Have any questions or queries, please let me know in comment section and I will try to sort it out.


  1. Aryan

    I killed my brothers wifi using netcut apk ,but now he cant reconnect ,the wifi connects for a few seconds then automatically disconnects ,can you please tell me how to reconnect ,tried to reboot his phone and modem but nothing works .

    • Eric R.P.

      You should’ve not used it with your family in the first place! My brother used to kill everyone’s wifi at home until I stopped him. XD

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